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Well well well...

From what I've seen, it seem that you are maybe a little frustated of this choice they made... Or is it? Well, as MANY before me had said, you're not the flash animator you used to. And... well, I'm kinda sad of that. All of this stuff happening around that Africa collab is sordid. Litteraly.

A single word: Flawless...

I will be totally frank, I cried on this flash. Especially at the end. I just wanted to say that this flash is just perfect. The story was very deep to my eyes. Nice work, Dude and keep it up.

One word: Awesome !!

You truly are experimented in 3D animation, I have nothing to say against it. Bu-ut,
at the beginning, Barney walked like he has a pain in his ass. The sound wasn't always synchronized with the movie.

But, I like the Gundam moves :3. Just keep doing, dude.

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I've seen better

Personally, this game is near the boredom. I mean, theres is no puzzles, no fights... If this flash had some of it, it could have been better than what I've just played. Plus, the graphics aren't too bad or great.


This is the worst frontpage game that i've ever played. Here's the main rating:

Graphics: AWFUL, man!
Story: NOPE
Controls: easy

Main rating: 1 on 10

There's a example of crappy propaganda and of kid brainwash. What have you thought when you put some civil disobedience in game. even if you have wrote that's bad, there is some french people on earth and plus, french kid didn't understand english. So, sorry ,but, awful.

Great Game

Even if I don't really support PETA for their vegan message, Thsi game is good. Here's my rating:

Graphics: GRREAT!
Story: Not bad, but, it needs improvements.(Mario rip-off=not so good idea)
Controls:Very easy.

Oh and how you beat the damn boss. He's very hard!

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I give you a fair shair of points because of the followings:

- I didn't conceive that music the way you had when you created it.

- Doesn't fits in my own concept of ''Epic Finish'' at the end ( Didn't heard a high note changing somewhere)

The track, even though it is not the best I ever heard, it's still kick dragon arses! Keep up the good work lad!

DeseNutz responds:

"I didn't conceive that music the way you had when you created it"
I will try harder in future attempts. I thought it conveyed quite well :(

"Doesn't fits in my own concept of ''Epic Finish'' at the end"
I wanted to tie this to a short animation and pictured an epic battle, I guess it didn't carry over very well to the piece.

Thanks for the input sir!


I love the way you bring old games music to a masterpiece like this. This is just wonderful. Thumbs up for you, man!

Very fascinating

Usually, I don't listen this kind of music, but I've really liked this one! It takes my mind in a underwater trip but, not for long :( . Really nice done and keep it up!
Here's my grades for your song:

Originality: 10/10

Effects on listeners: 8/10

Final Grade: 9/10

I think that it would be great to put this song in a game, don't you think so?

(PS: Sorry if my english is not perfect , I usually write in french ,so...)

ElectroLord99 responds:

haha its ok :) and thanks for the review ^^

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Un mot: Super

J'adore, même si c'est un devoir. J'aimerais bien pouvoir dessiner comme ça =/
Continue ton super boulot!
I like it, even if it is only a homework for you. I wish I could draw like that too =/
Keep up the good work!


You know, I never expect something cool about Pokemons but, You arrived at a great result with one of them. Haunter looks more badass like that, but there is place for improvements. Like, make it more devilish, like a real spectre is supposed to be.

But,man, I must admit that is a good art, but, no more than that.Just keep the work.

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