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Well well well...

From what I've seen, it seem that you are maybe a little frustated of this choice they made... Or is it? Well, as MANY before me had said, you're not the flash animator you used to. And... well, I'm kinda sad of that. All of this stuff happening around that Africa collab is sordid. Litteraly.

A single word: Flawless...

I will be totally frank, I cried on this flash. Especially at the end. I just wanted to say that this flash is just perfect. The story was very deep to my eyes. Nice work, Dude and keep it up.

One word: Awesome !!

You truly are experimented in 3D animation, I have nothing to say against it. Bu-ut,
at the beginning, Barney walked like he has a pain in his ass. The sound wasn't always synchronized with the movie.

But, I like the Gundam moves :3. Just keep doing, dude.

For Christ sake...

I'm just gonna ask a single question: what the hell is that?

Seriously, stickmens and chopped animation don't are option, you know because people that are on this site awaits for something more...attractive. The song loop doesn't work too well, no backgrounds and the story is just pitiful.

So, you will surely ask me: Why a rate of 2?

Well, the message is there's. Follow your dreams and don't care about jerkass.
So, you are maybe far of my criterias, but you are on the good path.


The story is very interesting, the songs go well with the style of the animation, the voices are well done and the graphic quality are very high for my criteria. I just have to say that I want more. That mean maybe expanded version because it is too short :(


The best of the third episode! I hate Bowser and the annoying Toads!

A great flash , but, it missing something, but I can't tell...

In this flash, Bowser looks like a dumb retard. Like it, man.


To be frank, I found this movie a little bit short and somehow, there's
some enhancements to do on it, I think.

Bu-ut, you got nice skills on games and in flash animation!

You got great potential! Like Taco-Man said in the his third episode: Bravo Cmt(?), bravo.

Ps: If you can put some subs, that should be great.

They were already DEAD!

That one of the best videos that i ever viewed. Congrat!

But, OBJECTION! I claim that I'M the GAME MASTER!!

As you can see, I'd loved the part like in Phoenix Wright!

PS: Even if I think I'm the Game Master, you're doing a great job there, keep it on!


Seriously, you fail from a inch to make me sad for having stomped Koopa, Goomba, Lakitu and everything else. Very good work. Congrat, buddy.

Games rule above all!

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